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            Power Allocation for Multipair Massive MIMO Full-Duplex Relay Systems with Low-Resolution ADCs

            來源:通信工程學院          點擊:
            報告人 褚曉理 時間 8月5日16:00
            地點 北校區?新科技樓1012會議室

            講座名稱:Power Allocation for Multipair Massive MIMO Full-Duplex Relay Systems with Low-Resolution ADCs

            講座時間:2019-08-05 16:00:00




            褚曉理2001年7月于西安交通大學電子與信息工程學院獲得工學學士,2005 年11月在香港大學獲得博士學位,2009年11月在倫敦大學國王學院獲得學術實踐研究生證書。褚曉理是IEEE 的高級成員,IEEE Wireless Communications Letters 以及 IEEE Communications Letters 的編輯,英國 EPSRC 評審學院成員。褚曉理主要從事于無線通信系統、異構網絡、協作通、信與網絡等方面的研究, 是 IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (June 2014) 綠色移動多媒體通信的客座編輯,多次擔任重大會議的聯合主席,發表了 70 多篇同行評議期刊和會議論文。


            Massive MIMO and full-duplex (FD) relaying are both key enabling technologies for 5G/B5G wireless communications. In this talk, we look into the feasibility of using low-resolution analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) at multipair FD relay stations with massive antenna arrays. The main challenge lies in that the quantization noise generated by low-resolution ADCs will be exacerbated by the powerful loop interference in FD relaying. More specifically, we analyse the spectral- and energy-efficiency of a multipair FD decode-and-forward relay system with low-resolution ADCs. Based on the mathematical analysis, we propose a novel iterative power allocation scheme to maximize the end-to-end achievable rate by adjusting the per-link transmit power at the relay while mitigating the impact of the quantization noise. Our numerical results show that using FD relaying with the proposed power allocation scheme improves the system throughput and energy efficiency significantly.



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